Hey there! I’m Katie, a lover of essential oils and a Wellness Educator for Young Living. I love to help people, and it’s become my passion to help other families’ lives happier and healthier lives with the use of essential oils and other products by Young Living. I’d love to help you on your journey to wellness!  These oils have changed my life, and I cannot wait to share them with you.

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Why Young Living?

Young Living is the industry leader in essential oil cultivation and distilling. Their standards and quality requirements are second to none. No other company own’s their own farms and distilleries and has a “Seed to Seal” Guarantee. What does seed to seal mean exactly? Check out their website for information on their Seed to Seal program. Amazing!
Young Living's Seed to Seal Quality Guarantee
If you are interested in purchasing Young Living products, you have two options. You can sign up to be a retail customer which means you can purchase any of the products at a retail price at your convenience. Your other option, is to sign up as a wholesale member. This requires you to purchase the discounted starter kit (shown below) and allows you to purchase all products at a 24% discounted rate. There is no monthly commitment and you can buy as much or as little as you want!
Young Living Premium Starter Kit

What do I get with a Premium Starter Kit?

Starter Kit Oils

When you buy the starter kit you will receive the following oils:

-supports normal aging skin
-centering and calming to the mind and body
-use for massage after activity
-diffuse during mediation for grounding

-supports a healthy pH level
-versatile for household cleaning
-increases mental focus and clarity
-enhances food flavors

-reduces every day mental stress
-supports the body’s natural healing process
-creates a calming and comforting environment
-soothes the skin

-may help support healthy immune function
-gargle to support oral health
-purifies the air
-add to dishwasher to clean dishes and eliminate odor

-relieves occasional head pressure
-can curb the desire to snack
-opens up respiratory channels
-aids with normal digestion
-soothes occasional minor stomach discomfort

-soothes sore muscles due to normal aches
-supports the respiratory and digestive systems
-supports natural anti-inflammatory response
-promotes healthy skin

-aids in healthy elimination
-supports the digestive system
-helps with occasional heartburn
-when traveling abroad, use in your water

-apply diluted to chest, neck and throat areas as needed
-support healthy lungs
– pre-workout enhancer
-has purifying properties

-alleviates occasional stressed muscles and physical discomforts
-eases occasional minor head tension
-supports the body’s natural healing process
-energizing and uplifting

-promotes healthy, clear skin
-add into shoes to neutralize odors
-promotes wellness throughout the year
-diffuse or add to a cotton ball to help eliminate stale air
-use to freshen your laundry and dishwasher

Stress Away
-promotes a feeling of peace and tranquility
-add 1 drop in water for a quick way to boost relaxation
-helps with normal, everyday stress
-nurtures healthy sleep


Diffuser Options

When you purchase the starter kit you have the option of the included diffuser, Dewdrop, or an upgrade to one of the other diffusers with more features.  This is a complete choice on your part – they are all wonderful diffusers.  So, no choice is a bad choice.



Where is the value in my purchase?


Ready to Get Started?