A New Year, A New You with Essential Oils

I made “resolutions” back in October to eat healthier and to make my home the healthiest I possibly can (not to mention, I have lost 20 pounds since then!), so I don’t need to make any more empty promises, but I am going to re-pledge now (to the 5 people who may be reading this, haha) to continue to eat healthy and to provide the healthiest home I can for my kids in 2017. My kids are 7 and 4 and talk about healthy eating all the time, and they love to ask me to help them make good choices. Which of course fills my hear with pure joy, isn’t that my job? But they also love using their essential oils for wellness and they have not had a conventional over-the-counter drug in 4 months since we started using essential oils! I’m so glad we are all on this path together as a family and that I can teach them to be their own health advocates. We need to teach our kids to be in control of their bodies and what they put in it or on it.

The Great Swap Dare 2017 Product Swap with Essential Oils

With it being the new year, and a time for resolutions, I am challenging you to a swap dare! I dare you to clean up your home and lifestyle products this year with healthy, chemical free alternatives. Over the past 4 months, I have swapped out a lot of products that we used to purchase at Target or Walmart, and there has been a huge difference in my health since eliminating those harsh chemicals and additives in the products I used to use. Here are a list of some items I have swapped out or am in the process of swapping out:

~ Morning Coffee // swap // Ningxia Red (Nitro if you need a boost)
~ Conditioner // swap // Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner that I use a pea size amount as leave in instead
~ Toxic toothpaste // swap // Denterome Plus toothpaste that lasts way longer than traditional toothpaste, only need a pea size!
~ Expensive and toxic face cleaner and lotion // swap // ART Skin Care System
~ Energy Drink // swap // Ningxia Nitro
~ Health food store probiotic // swap // Life 9 probiotic (so incredible!)
~ Toxic foaming hand soaps // swap // Thieves hand soap (love it!)
~ Toxic surface cleaners (all) // swap // Thieves Household Cleaner (this one bottle cleans everything and will last you the entire year!)
~ Toxic dish soap // swap // Thieves dish soap
~ Toxic laundry detergent // swap // Thieves laundry detergent
~ Toxic dryer sheets // swap // wool dryer balls with lavender essential oils

These are just a few products that I’ve swapped out that actually save me money each month.

If you are already a Young Living member, you can put these products on Essential Rewards to get 10-25% back on your order and you’ll be in love with the ability to get even more healthful products for free! If you are not a Young Living member and would like to be, you can click here to go to the Young Living site to check it out. My member number is 10134382.

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